About Aus-Ban

Education and globalization directly complement one another. The need to strive for better education is a must for decades, and so to carry it forward,AUS-BAN was founded in 2012. With a total of 7 years of experience under its belt, classy infrastructure and state of art technology, our client can expect the best from us. We are professional education consultants offering expertise in bridging prospective students and quality educational institutions. We also assist and direct thousands of students every year to pursue higher studies in foreign countries, which in turn has helped us become a valued and an esteemed global leader in the field of international student recruitment. We are the official representatives of leading universities and colleges in Australia, New Zealand, China, the whole Europe, Canadaand the US.Our company lives up to the perception of being supportive, facilitate and trust worthy for the eligible students who aspire to study abroad. They are highly placed and guided according to their capabilities and qualifications.

Large number of students in Bangladesh is increasingly becoming aware of the brilliant opportunities to study abroad. In order to pursue higher education overseas, the young and aspiring students of our country must possess clarity of the global universities and educational institutions that offer courses and post-study opportunities that best match their requirements and areas of interest.


We are regarded as trend setters in the industry with business muse or cogitate-on approach. Another factor that distinguishes us is our staff, having prolonged in line experience with many renowned multinational firms previously. AUS-BAN is a student recruitment consultancy that is committed to effectively and efficiently use its resources to serve students and foreign institutions. We believe in making it happen and are always ready to offer thousands of courses to choose from various leading educational institutions to students which prove to be beneficial to them. From the moment you contact AUS-BAN, our staff will passionately assist you throughout the entire process, beginning with counseling, then to documents’ evaluation, over to choosing the right course, moving forth to application processing, to the preparation of documents till the final interview preparation. We’ll be with you right from the beginning to end.We have dedicated teams of richly experienced professionals to help students like you across the globe in choosing the best courses that are available in international universities suitable to not only your interests but also your aptitude.We first understand your education and career goals and then provide you with the proper guidance. Here’s why you need to speak with us:*We’ve got first-hand experience in international education and have helped hundreds of students*Our qualified team of experts will guide you through each step of the admission process right from identifying your goals to applying for a course and institution of your choice* We can offset education cost by finding right scholarships and a lot of universities will waive off application fees when you apply through us*We represent ( ) Top universities and institutes globally offering courses in vast subject areas.Allow us the opportunity to foster a harmonious transition from school to international university with exceptional academic support and a personalized learning environment.Our certified and experienced counselors will give you a detailed overview of the courses and universities overseas along with the career prospects. They will not only guide you on the exams that needs to be taken for abroad education but will also assist you in getting your visa including verification of visa documents and following up on your visa application with embassies.