Mr. Golam Quddus Molla is the honourable chairman of this consulting farm,who hasstrongly contributed to the development of education system of this country. Every talented student of this country has a dream to pursue higher studies in foreign top ranked universities and to help them in this purpose; Mr. Molla started this consulting farm along with Mr. Sharifulalam. His intention is to help students for higher studies by means of necessary guidance and assistance. His guidance and supervision has helped a lot of students to pursue their dream of higher studies.

Mr. Molla is the general manager of MonnoTestiles which is one of the most reputed industries of this country. He is a chartered accountant and completed his studies from Dhaka University. As an educationist, he understands the importance of higher studies in student’s life and that inspired him to start this company. He has chosen this path to serve his nation and has received several national and international awards because of his extraordinary role in the development of education sector of this country.

  • Ghulam Quddus Mollah
  • Founder & Chairman
  • Australian Education Consultant (Aus-Ban)