Our Services

Services for our Student

When it comes to taking ownership for one’s own career, learning and getting support from others is vitally important. That’s why mentoring and expert guidance have such an important role to play. Which country to study in? Which course will result in a better career? What documents should be prepared for admission and visa applications? How to reach the study destination and live comfortably there? These questions and concerns can be daunting at times and we at BSB totally understand this. Our expertise extends to guiding students through every step of studying abroad with the following services:

Past-departure Services:

  • Airport Pickup and Accommodation
  • Part Time Job Support
  • Keeping track of the successfully enrolled students
  • Attending their needs in abroad.
  • Internship and On Job Training Support
  • Insurance and Bank Account Opening
  • Visa Support for guardian visit

Services for Our Partner Universities

Since 1993, BSB Global Network has been a recognized leader in global higher education services, partnering with universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand Russia, Japan, Malaysia, China, UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, South Korea, India, Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Egypt, Cyprus and Malta successfully to increase students’ access to, and success in, higher education.

Our partnership model rests on a transparent and collaborative approach in order to align our partners’ mission, vision, goals and objectives, and position our partnerships for long-term success in our region. We provide our partners with access to resources and expertise to help drive large-scale initiatives that provide tangible, lasting benefits to students, faculty, staff and local communities.

To render the collaborative support, we offer the following services to our partners:

  • Organizing spot admission seminar workshop on behalf of our foreign partner institutions.
  • Maintaining liaison with foreign institutes& students.
  • Distribute upgrade information among the students.
  • Campaign for best promotion at local market.
  • Assistance for advertising & marketing.
  • Market research on behalf of international Universities/ Colleges / Institutes.

Support for Right Choice of Courses:

Universities annually change the course curriculams as dictated by the demands of emerging career needs which have future benefits to students. BSB Global Network has immediate access to these changes, as and when made before the information can reach the schools or get printed on prospectuses. BSB Global Network gived guidance on alternative and/or allied courses as options for when students are unable to meet the requirements for admission to a particular University of Course. Detailed consultation and counselling is provided at the BSB Global Network office at no extra cost.

Pre-departure Services:

  • Education and Career Counseling
  • Course, Country and University Selection
  • Mock interview and training for admission and visa
  • Admission and Visa Process
  • Study loan process for the desire students
  • Air ticketing and pre-departure briefing
  • Appeal process in care of visa refusal
  • IELTS Preparation Course and Registration

Flight Booking:

At BSB we will assure a one stop service where BSB travels will cater for your air ticket arrangement possibly at a student fare

Marketing & Expo Management:

  • Arrange seminar regularly in capital city and other district towns.
  • Arrange International Education Fair.
  • Marketing, Publication, Advertising, Promotional Event & Int’l EXPO Management.
  • Only successful organizer of Bangladesh International Education Fair.

Travel & Visa Service:

  • An exclusive travel consultancy.
  • Spouse, Business and Visit Visa Process
  • Assistance for Immigration.
  • Tour package.
  • Air ticketing (Domestic and International).
  • Hotel reservation.
  • Travel plan.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Travel loan.